In 1919 the Farmers Cooperative Equity Co. was organized with the charter being dated May 3, 1919. There were 54 members listed and the first board of directors consisted of Earl D Blackwelder as president, G.W. Lynch as vice president, O. Brant as secretary, C.W. Bergner and J.A.Cavin as directors. Changes in Co-op's contributed to the consolidation with Zenda, Nashville, Medicine Lodge, and Sawyer. Then later the Bunge facilities in Lake City and Sawyer were purchased. The consolidation of these & other facilities brought forth many changes in; employee consolidation, product utilization, grain storage management, as well as expense control and at the same time expansion into other sales areas.  All of the years dedication from from producers realizing the benefits of the FCE facilities has made FCE operations successful for over 95 years.  FCE has proven to be a sound investment for producers and today is 100% owned by over 1100 members.